Prof. Stefan Holdenrieder

Institute of Laboratory Medicine, German Heart Center Munich of the Free State of Bavaria, Clinic at the Technical University Munich

Lazarettstraße 36, 80636
Munich, Germany

Telephone: +49 (228) 2871 -12126
Fax: +49 (228) 2871-6094


since 2016 Director of the Institute of Laboratory Medicine, German Heart Center Munich
since 2016 Head of the Biomarker Research Center Munich Primary Investigator in international biomarker trials
since 2014 EQA Consultant for Tumor Marker Ring Trials at Instand e.V.
since 2013 Secretary of the ISOBM Board

Research interests:

  • Lab diagnostics in oncology, cardiology, immunology, neurology, pediatrics
  • Pharmacogenomics, therapeutic drug monitoring
  • Development and evaluation of new biomarkers: circulating nucleic acids, nucleosomes, histone modifications, miRNA, exosomes, immunogenic cell death markers
  • New technologies: Liquid profiling, NGS, BEAMing, SPR, mass spec, multiplex assays
  • Establishment and coordination of Biofluid Biobanks
  • Experimental Cardio-Immunology

5 relevant recent publications:

  • Holdenrieder S, Wehnl B, Hettwer K, Simon K, Uhlig S, Dayyani F. Carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) and cytokeratin-19 fragments (CYFRA 21-1) for the assessment of therapy response in non-small-cell lung cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Br J Cancer 2017; 116: 1037-1045.
  • Görlach A, Holdenrieder S. Circular RNA maps paving the road to biomarker development? J Mol Med 2017; 95: 1137-1141.
  • Holdenrieder S. Liquid profiling of circulating nucleic acids as novel tool for the management of cancer patients. Adv Exp Med Biol 2016; 924: 53-60.
  • Korse CM, Holdenrieder S, Zhi X, Zhang X, Qiu L, Geistanger A, Lisy MR, Wehnl B, van den Broek D, Escudero JM, Standop J, Mu H, Molina R. Multicenter Evaluation of a New Progastrin-Releasing Peptide (ProGRP) Immunoassay across Europe and China. Clin Chim Acta 2015; 438: 388-95.
  • Kim S, Becker J, Bechheim M, Kaiser V, Noursadeghi M, Fricker N, Beier E, Klaschik S, Boor P, Hess T, Hofmann A, Holdenrieder S, Wendland J, Fröhlich H, Hartmann G, Nöthen M, Müller-Myhsok B, Pütz B, Hornung V, Schumacher J. Characterizing the genetic basis of innate immune response in TLR4-activated human monocytes. Nature Communications 2014; 5: 5236.