Basic Research. Clinical Application. International Network.

The ISOBM is an international non-profit organization founded in 1972. It is a scientific network of researchers and clinicians dedicated to biomarkers in oncology. Main aspects are the scientific exploration and clinical implementation of new biomarkers. Special focus is on new technologies, quality issues and biomarker interpretation strategies. Experts share their experiences at annual or biannual scientific meetings. The Journal of the ISOBM “Tumor Biology” is one of leading oncological journals.

Focus of ISOBM activities

  • The ISOBM is one of the world’s leading societies focused on cancer biomarkers (both established and novel)
  • It organizes (bi)annual conferences where the primary but not exclusive focus is on cancer biomarkers. Other topics discussed at our conferences include cancer biology, molecular therapeutics, immunotherapy and cancer screening
  • The organization publishes the journal, Tumor Biology
  • The organization interacts with other organization with an interest in cancer biomarkers
    (e.g., The European Group on Tumor Markers or EGTM) (