The Abbott Award honors an individual in the international scientific or medical community, who has made an outstanding contribution in the field of basic or clinical oncology. Nominations for this award can be sent to a member of the ISOBM Executive Committee. Nominated individuals do not have to be members of ISOBM. The awardee is invited to present a key-note lecture at an ISOBM Conference. A manuscript based on this presentation is published in the Society’s Journal “Tumor Biology”.

The ISOBM Abbott awardees are:

Year Name City, Country
2018 Yosef Yarden Tel Aviv, Israel
2017 Vivian Barak Jerusalem, Israel
2016 John Minna Dallas, USA
2015 Herbert A. Fritsche Houston, USA
2014 Ken Yamaguchi Shizuoka, Japan
2012 Michael J. Duffy Dublin, Ireland
2011 Petra Stieber Munich, Germany
2010 Rolf Lamerz Munich, Germany
2009 Torgny Stigbrand Umea, Sweden
2008 Kazuhisa Taketa Ibara, Japan
2007 Stewart Sell New York, USA
2006 Ronald Levy Stanford, USA
2005 Kohzoh Imai Sapporo, Japan
2004 Timothy J. O’Brian Little Rock, USA
2003 Richard Begent London, UK
2003 Kerry Chester London, UK
2002 Ulf-Hakan Stenman Helsinki, Finland
2002 Hans Lilja Lund, Sweden
2002 Elephterios Diamandis Toronto, Canada
2001 Robert C. Bast, Jr. Houston, USA
2001 Kenneth O. Lloyd New York, USA
2000 Dairo Neri Zürich, Switzerland
2000 Luciano Zardi Geneva, Italy
1999 John Shively City of Hope, USA
1999 John Thompson Freiburg, Germany
1999 Hiroshi Nakazato Osaka, Japan
1999 Nicole Beauchemin Montreal, Canada
1998 Sten Hammerstrom Umea, Sweden
1998 Shinzo Nishi Sapporo, Japan
1997 Markku Seppala Helsinki, Finland
1997 Yuri Tatarinov Moscow, Russia
1997 Hans Bohn Marburg, Germany
1996 Tsan Ming Chu Buffalo, USA
1995 Erkki Ruoslahti La Jolla, USA
1994 David Goldenberg Newark, USA
1994 Jean-Pierre Mach Lausanne, Switzerland
1993 William H. Fishman San Diego, USA
1992 Phil Gold Montreal, Canada
1991 Gary Abelev Moscow, Russia
1990 Sabine von Kleist Freiburg, Germany


Young investigator merit awards

Young investigator merit awards are granted at the annual conferences to young scientists with excellent contributions to the scientific program.