Former ISOBM conferences

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ISOBM 2017

ISOBM 2018

ISOBM Conferences have been organized starting in 1973. Since then, the ISOBM community has visited almost all continents for helding their scientific meetings:

1st ISOBM 1973 Sapporo, Japan
2nd ISOBM 1974 Nice, France
3rd ISOBM 1975 Tokyo, Japan
4th ISOBM 1976 San Diego, USA
5th ISOBM 1977 Copenhagen, Denmark
6th ISOBM 1978 Marburg, Germany
7th ISOBM 1979 London, UK
8th ISOBM 1980 Tallinn, former USSR, Currently Estonia
9th ISOBM 1981 Banff, Alberta, Canada
10th ISOBM 1982 Sapporo, Japan
11th ISOBM 1983 Stockholm, Sweden
12th ISOBM 1984 Houston, USA
13th ISOBM 1985 Paris, France
14th ISOBM 1986 Helsinki, Finland
15th ISOBM 1987 Québec, Canada
16th ISOBM 1988 Barcelona, Spain
17th ISOBM 1989 Freiburg, Germany
18th ISOBM 1990 Moscow, Russia
19th ISOBM 1991 Siena, Italy
20th ISOBM 1992 Sapporo, Japan
21st ISOBM 1993 Jerusalem, Israel
22nd ISOBM 1994 Groningen, Holland
23rd ISOBM 1995 Montreal, Canada
24th ISOBM 1996 San Diego, USA
25th ISOBM 1997 Montreaux, Switzerland
26th ISOBM 1998 Umeå, Sweden
27th ISOBM 1999 Kyoto, Japan
28th ISOBM 2000 Munich, Germany
29th ISOBM 2001 Barcelona, Spain
30th ISOBM 2002 Boston, USA
31st ISOBM 2003 Edinborough, Scotland
32nd ISOBM 2004 Helsinki, Finland
33rd ISOBM 2005 Rhodes, Greece
34th ISOBM 2006 Pasadena, USA
35th ISOBM 2007 Prague, Czech Republic
36th ISOBM 2008 Tokyo, Japan
37th ISOBM 2009 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
38th ISOBM 2010 München, Germany
39th ISOBM 2011 Firenze, Italy
40th ISOBM 2012 Jerusalem, Israel
41st ISOBM 2014 Barcelona, Spain
42nd ISOBM 2015 Zakopane, Poland
43rd ISOBM 2016 Chicago, USA
44th ISOBM 2017 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
45th ISOBM 2018 Hamburg, Germany